Vibrating Nipple Suckers

This is not only a sucking male masturbator cup, but also a penis pump. This innovative product allows you to enjoy the pleasure of sucking while training your penis. The pump provides the strongest stimulation. The realistic 3D structured rib-shaped tunnel is more exciting than the real mouth. The transparent chamber magnifies every pleasant moment, teases your vision, and allows you to experience two-dimensional stimulation.

360° Rotational Stimulation Nipple Massager--The rotating head of this vibrating nipple sucker with dense particles can rotate 360 degrees to rub your nipple and areola. The small particles have different stimuli in different vibration modes, just like a man uses his flexible and gentle tongue to soothe your breasts, sometimes slowly and sometimes fanatical, making you tremble and want to stop.

Strong Suction Nipple Suckers--The powerful suction cup nipple sex toy is the same shape as the breast, seamlessly fits the breast, tightly wraps and massages the breast. In the process of using, you can gently pull the breast massager outwards with your hand, you can feel its suction force, it feels like a man’s mouth is sucking your breasts. That's so wonderful!

Wireless operation & USB charging--Unlike other nipple toys, this vibrator massager this one is wirelessly controlled, you can control it directly through the switch on the round head, allowing you to focus more. It is USB quickly rechargeable, no batteries to deal with.

How to use--Please refer to your diagram on the details page for installation. After installation, add a small amount of lubricating fluid to start using. Special attention: the round head needs to be disassembled when cleaning, only the silicone part is cleaned, the round head part is not waterproof!

UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!


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