UNIMAT Ring Move Vibrating Prostate Massager


  • Patented inner-ring thrusting technology: a moveable ring in the shell with 3 thrusting modes to move up and down that will dance in your holes
  • 3 vibrating modes with 8 speeds bring overwhelming mixed orgasm from gentle to wild
  • Automatic heating to 42 ℃ for added lifelike sensation
  • Ribbed external stimulator thrums against the perineum
  • The remote control allows you to hand control over to your lover

The prostate is a small protrusion in the anus. Stimulating the prostate can cause super-violent, amazing orgasms. Once you experience a prostate orgasm, you will fall in love with this pleasure. 3 vibrating modes with 8 speeds to choose from.There are two bumps in the insertion part of the toy, and a ring is injected into the second bump. The ring wrapped in the black silicone shell can move up and down. The ring has three different movement modes, and each movement can accurately press your prostate. Let you feel a longer orgasm time. On the top is a smooth ball, coated with lubricating fluid, and slip into the anus easily. The head and bottom of the toy can be synchronized to vibrate through a single button on the remote control.

Please note: For a better experience, please cooperate with lube. Enjoy your time, share the ultimate pleasure!