Thick Soft Infinite Loop Doubled Restraint Penis Ring


  • Fleshy and thick, soft and stretchy, it’s our most comfortable cock ring yet.
  • 2 joint rings better constrain your shaft and balls for a more effective sex enhancement.
  • Fits most sizes while having good enhancements of erection strength and endurance.
  • Small, lightweight, and unobtrusive, always travel-ready.



Shaped in endless loop, offers endless fun. Thick and soft, this cock ring can be a great helper of your sex life by allowing him to stay hard and sensitive as long as you want. Take your time putting your man a cock ring. You’re in control now. This fleshy ring well constrains his balls and shaft, and the bulging veins just show how hard the wearer is. He's grunting, flipping them over and pumping himself in and out of your gaping hole that clenches beautifully around his thick cock. You can squeeze his cock head before pulling off the penis ring. His dick will start spurting cum almost instantly. Groaned uncontrollably, he takes you as his sexual benefactor.



Weight: 0.1lb

Size: 2.9 x 1.7’’


Package included:

1 x cock ring