MIXFUN 7 Auto-Rotation Immersive Experience Masturbation Cup


  • A surreal sensation comes in 7 auto-rotating patterns for you to choose from.
  • Circular spinning irritates each bit of your cock.
  • Plug earphones in and enjoy the 3 different real human moaning audios.
  • Lifelike entry and well-beaded sleeve are detachable and effortless to clean for maintenance.
  • Transparent container for watching your schlong becomes bigger and harder.



Tailored for male pleasure, MIXFUN is a tech-filling masturbation cup with auto-rotations and real gal moans. Apply some lube inside the cup and simply hold, thrust the device to enjoy the pleasant rotations. There are 7-speed spinning patterns so each guy can choose his own suited style, from erection build-up to a climactic full-on speed, taking you as far as you desire. Meanwhile, the beaded sleeve clinging around your cock, and humps angle up to catch on the edge of the head. It will take you to a new high! Don’t forget it's 3 real gal moanings, it can be a great way to increase your enjoyment just by wearing earphones. Don’t just wank yourself perfunctorily, unbox it, and let the self-discovery begin!



Size: 3.3 x 10.5''

Insertable lengh: 4.3''

Weight: 1.5lb

Material: ABS+TPE


Package included:

1 x masturbation cup

1 x USB Cable

1 x earphone