Lustytime 2 in 1 LCD Masturbator Penis Pump


2-in-1 design, penis pump & masturbator, absolute money-saving toy.

The transparent cylinder and LCD display allow you to instantly track your little bro's progress.

Automatic penis pump with 3 progressive sucking modes & 3 inverter sucking modes for you to enhance.

The built-in removable liner and vibrating egg with 10 frequencies, blow your mind.

Key operation is simple, you can pause and exhaust at any time as you like.

Ultra-real vaginal opening, lining with dense hump stimulation triggers full body orgasms.



This penis pump with 6 air pressure sucking modes can also be a masturbator with 10-frequency vibration, which will bring you more than expected effects.

The 6 air pressure change modes are completely selected according to your hobby, and can obviously make your little bro bigger and thicker, and your girlfriend will only be salivating for it. The transparent window can maximize to meet your voyeurism, it will all be in your control.

After installing the vibrating egg and liner, this penis pump will immediately turn into a private masturbator, with 10-frequency vibration, from mild to wild, plus the ultra-realistic 3D stimulation channel, your orgasmic outburst is close at hand!

In addition, it is very easy to disassemble, and clean and is designed for USB charging, with super operability and portability.



Material: Silicone+ABS+PC+TPE
Size: 11.8 * 3.2''
Insertable Length: 7.9"
Weight: 1.87 lb


Package included:

 1 * Product 

 1 * Charging cable 

 1 * Instructions