GALAKU 2 Interchangeable Sleeves 12*8 Vibrating Exerciser Masturbation Cup


  • Combination of 2 interchangeable sleeves and 2 detachable vibrating eggs, try more gameplay and have more fun.
  • Stylish remote control with LCD screen, control the vibration programs accurately and freely.
  • 12 intensities & 8 vibration modes, embrace 12*8 vibration programs.
  • 2 ideal love tunnels, get ready for the sex madness.
  • Made of TPE, super soft, skin-friendly and suitable for various dick sizes.



What do you really want? Now we have launched a perfect masturbator to solve your problems. The combination of 2 interchangeable sleeves and 2 detachable vibrating eggs allows you to explore more gameplay and have more fun. The one with one end closed in the two sleeves acts as the glans stimulator,  the unique particles inside which massage each sensitive point around the glans. The other sleeve with open ends serves as a penis training device. Without length limit, the inner strips stimulates your penis particularly and pleasingly, allowing you to reach orgasm quickly. A sensational orgasm miracle! Modern LCD remote control combined with a unique scroll wheel design, which means that you are able to control the vibration program precisely and freely, avoiding the disappointment that you fail to switch to the preferred frequency in time when ejaculation is approaching. The penis vibrator owns 12 intensities and 8 vibration modes, providing you with different and unforgettable feelings. In addition, it can also be used alone to massage the testicles and perineum, or it can be used with a partner to reach and tease all the parts you like. What a great sex toy for couples! Are you ready for the coming sex madness? The masturbation cup made of TPE is very soft and skin-friendly, does not contain plasticizers, and is suitable for all sizes. USB chargeable.


Sleeve size: 3.4 x 2.1 ”

Length of the vibrating egg: 1.57”

Material: TPE+ ABS


Package included:
2 x soft sleeve

2 x vibrating egg

1 x remote control