Black Cyclone 5 Vacunm Sucking 7 Vibration Modes Automatic Male Masturbation Cup


Black Cyclone, a cyclone squirming masturbator that you can see.
5 tempting vacuum sucking modes, sucking your cock with a tight spiral.
10 vibration modes with a vibrating egg will make your glans feel like electric shocks.
Innovative ergonomic design, the product is easy to hold and push.
The 3D textured inner tunnel wrap of the automatic stroker is tighter.
The material is soft & healthy, life-level waterproof is safe.


Black Cyclone - The writhing spiral texture gradually engulfs your cock, visually and physically satisfying in equal measure.
The black swirl sucks the cock very tightly, and the 5 different frequencies of sucking can be switched at will to best suit your mode, putting orgasm in your own hands. The internal 3D particles of staggered size, along with 10 vibrating frequencies, closely fit and stimulate your penis, with a jumping egg embedded in the liner, allowing the vibrating sensation to be transmitted from the glans to the penis, making your brother restless, red and swollen, and jetting out in this soft channel.
The spiral design allows you to play more securely while masturbating, the removable liner is easier to clean, and the venting hole design keeps the interior ventilated and dry for your health.


Size: 4.92in*2.95in*8.25in

Insertable length: 5.7in

Material: ABS+TPE

Weight: 1.54Lb

Package included:

1*masturbation cup

1*charging cable