Anita: 46.47lb Life Size Swimsuit Girl Sex Doll

Anita is a swimming coach. She loves swimming very much, so she is very compact and stylish. She has seen many men, but she has yet to meet a man who has fallen in love with her at first sight. Will you be that person? She likes to watch porn because no man so far can really satisfy her, she is horny, she has learned many positions in porn, would you like to try these positions with her and find your own pleasure? Don't wait any longer, make your imagination a reality!

Versatile Sex

Anita has two custom channels, realistic textures and unique spiral vaginal and anal canals will blur the line between reality and fantasy, you will lose yourself in the suction enhanced stimulation of the sealed end. You can choose either hole to enter and also experience incredible breast sex through its curvaceous cleavage, and you're sure to have the most intense orgasms you've ever imagined.


The Sohimi doll is made of high-quality and eco-friendly TPE material, providing you with a realistic soft touch that is 100% safe for sensitive skin and easy to clean. The pink labia and delicate wrinkles give you the ultimate realism. Thanks to the premium material - it's just like a real lady.

Premium Spinal Support

Anita has an internal frame inside the body that allows its legs to go from closed to apart, while keeping it stable and firm without rolling over. So you can move it into any sexual position you want. 46.47 pounds of sex doll is stable enough to keep your hands free.

Life-Size Sex Doll

Anita's weight plays an important role in the experience. With its weight, you can put it down and use it without moving. In fact, it's great to watch its boobs and ass rock back. With the right amount of lube, there are plenty of delightful sensations waiting to surprise you.