7.9lb Leap Frog Schoolgirl Tempting Dual-Entry Bubble Butt Male Masturbator


  • Young and bouncy butt with inviting vagina and anus holes to plunge into.
  • Made from real-feel TPR material for authentic, explosive thrills.
  • If you are into a girlish, tender body, this butt is a real treat.
  • Full-sized for fun, petite for easy store.



Your eyes glue on the innocent-looking girl as she walked into your room. She looks so pure yet so “dirty” at the same time- the perfect combination. She coyly raised her skirt, her fingers hooking into the waist of her knickers, and she slowly pulled them down, letting them slide down her legs and pool at her feet. Spreading her legs invitingly, she’s always willing when it comes to pleasing her man- even though it's her first time. You can’t help but ramming into her love hole and pull back out the entire length of your cock and slamming it back into her again and again. She rocked with you, repeating your name brokenly with every gasping breath until speech fell away from her as she shuddered and cried out, her body convulsing and taking you deeper...


Size: 9.6 x 9 x 5.9 inches
Weight: 7.9lb
Material: TPE

Package included:
1 x realistic buttock