5.7-Inch Transprent 3 Chambers Male Masturbator


  • 3-ball shape, unique novel appearance, and easy to grasp.
  • Clear material, spy on the secrets that make you happy.
  • Two-part neck design, serve as two penis rings for stamina training.
  • All-round stimulating textures on the spheres' inner walls, massage every inch of your bro.
  • TPR material, extremely soft, stretchy for comfortable enjoyment.



A perfect hand-job helper, this 5.7” Clear 3-Ball Male Masturbator can not only save you from aesthetic fatigue in appearance but has high practicality. The beaded design makes the toy itself uneven from the outside, which brings one-handed grip convenience. As well, the inside of the channel is also exquisite and unique. The three spheres are respectively designed with a full range of threads and protrusions, which are determined to give glans and shaft strong friction stimulation. And the interconnection of the three balls acting as two penis rings, which enhances the pleasure of orgasm while prolonging sex time and promoting stamina. The transparent material allows you to clearly observe your own gradual effects. In addition, there is no need to worry about the safety of the product. TPR is widely used in the production of sex toys due to its high quality. It is non-toxic, harmless, and super stretchy, which greatly guarantees the comfort of use.


Product size: 5.7 x 2”

Weight: 0.25 lb

Material: TPR

Package included:
1 x pocket pussy