40.8lb Lifelike Fetching Beauty Lauren



  • Eye-catching tits, bouncy butts, and enticing figure, massive visual impact.
  • Soft pussy along with puckered ass, massively stimulating textures promise incredible pleasure.
  • Completely manageable, the built-in skeleton creates possibilities of diversified plays.
  • Skin-like TPR, offer you softness like the real thing.
  • Completely waterproof, ready to rock



As you can see intuitively, the alluring tits, slim waist, spank-able butts, and of course double channels of bumpy inner designs......You'll be happy to spend every day and night with her! Up top, you are given the chance to prop your hands on the pair of meaty breasts, licking and biting those pink nipples, or getting your desirous dick pinched between the pretty cleavage. And below, both the luscious pussy and tight ass feature tons of rich nodes, ribs, and threads. With a lot of lubricants, the smooth slide will help you feel the wonderful stimulation inside as you thrust. You can also choose to enjoy by her legs for fresh fun. Go ahead and get all your girl plans realized!


Product size: 28.75 X 12.59”

Weight: 40.8lb

Material: TPR

Package included:
1 x realistic sex doll