20.28lb 4 in 1 Sex Doll Male Masturbator


  • Luscious and seductive curves, a beyond-perfect fantasy companion.
  • Chubby breasts and hips match perfectly with the slim waist and legs, catch a glance will cause lust soaring.
  • Pink juicy pussy and tight back door, wait for your caress.
  • Super soft and meek body, amazing for all your plans for breast, pussy, backdoor, and leg plays.
  • TPR material, non-toxic, harmless, and odorless.
  • Completely waterproof, easy to clean.



So glad that you will go home early today after more than 10 days of business trip. I am also so happy to get on the bus home, eager and excited. I miss you so much.

The bus finally took me to my destination. I couldn't wait to rush into the house and jumped on to you with arms and legs crossed behind your back. I am so happy!

The naked Luscious figure you have praised: plump breasts with cherry-like nipples, thin waist with tiny belly button, chubby elastic hips, and slim legs. Under the dim light, you can only see the hazy outline of the sweet holes. You leaned down to nibble dainty nipples, kneaded, scratched  the sensitive areas with your hands, roaming all over her body. Her body is so soft that she is completely poseable from top to toe: sitting, standing, lying down, etc. Her favorite is the riding position, in which she can be entered deeper! All your whims can be satisfied!


Product size: 21.65 X 9.05”

Weight: 20.28 lb

Material: TPR

Package included:
1 x realistic sex doll