17.6lb Mia Realistic Meaty Love Doll in Light Brown


  • Chubbily figured body, simulate real meaty flesh over muscle.
  • Big boobs, offer great breast plays.
  • Luscious pussy and asshole, both ribbed for stimulation with each thrust.
  • TPE material, create a flexible masturbator for you to abuse.
  • Completely waterproof, ready to fulfill all of your water plans.



Having experienced superior craftsmanship, this chubby doll presents big boobs, full hips, thick thighs, and luscious booty, longing for your touch. She's all fleshy woman with big boobs for you to squeeze, bouncy butts for you to fondle, mature vagina to suck you dick, and sensitive asshole to ride it. Just leave her naked on your bed, then you can start implementing all of you dirty plans with her under the help of some lubricants of your preference. Fuck her breasts while squeezing them with your hands. Slam into her vagina in missionary style, or shove your dick into the tight ass in doggy style and spread open her asscheeks to see your dick erotically slide in and out. Those red titties are also begging for caress while you pummel the holes as hard as you want. Please feel free, all of her body parts look and feel like the real thing, which benefits from high-quality TPE materials. You will get the most memorable sexual experience with this sexy and sophisticated woman!


Total length: 15”

Circumference: Thigh: 16.5”

                         Waist: 17.7”

                         Hip: 29.5”

                         Bust: 22.4”

Leg length: 8.7”

Weight: 17.6 lb

Material: TPE

Package included:
1 x realistic masturbator