10 Tapping 10 vibrating Anal Therapy Toy with Remote Control


  • Tapping and vibrating performed separately or simultaneously to explore exclusive pleasure.
  • 10 tapping with 2 rhythms simulating a tongue lick at low speeds and a finger snap at high speeds.
  • Pointed design and universal size insert your craving hole effortlessly.
  • Diamond-shaped design ensures a secure fit without slipping and provides precise stimulation.
  • 15M remote control, control the rhythm of sex easily.


      10 taping and 10 vibrating modes performed separately or simultaneously, providing effective anal therapy and escalate stimulation layer by layer, igniting the limits of your desire, and exploring your exclusive climax enjoyment. Notably, the 10-speed thrusting mode comes with 2 rhythms and a 15-meter remote control, allowing you to effortlessly control your partner's sexual rhythms. At low speeds, it feels like a gentle tongue delicately licking your sensitive points, making your partner's toes curl as they beg for more pleasure. At high speeds, it's like nimble fingers teasing frantically, sharing a different kind of joy between pleasure and pain, setting off your desire to reach a climax. The soft silicone pointed and universal size slide easily into your desired secret place, safeguarding your exploration. The unique diamond-shaped design ensures a secure fit to your body without slipping and provides precise stimulation, unlike other products that tend to slip, allowing you to enjoy your journey to climax.


      Features: Diamond-shaped, Pointed Design, Narrowed Base, Smooth Silicon
      Function: 10 Tapping, 10 vibrating
      Frequency: 10 Frequencies
      Color: Blue
      Material: Silicone+ABS
      Waterproof: IPX6
      Mute: <60dB
      Power Type: Magnetic Charging
      Charging Time: 150 mins
      Run Time: 60 mins
      Size: 5.59*2.52 in
      Weight: 0.44 lbs
      Inlet Diameter: 1.57/1.18 in
      Insertable Length: 4.33 in

      Package Included:

      Product x1, Charging Cable x1, Remote Control x1, Manual x1