240ML Lubricant for Body & Toys

Strawberry Lube
Mojito Lube
Water Based Lube



Light and slippery formulation for velvety smooth sensations and easy cleansing.
Enhances the ease and comfort of sex without feeling heavy and sticky.
Hypoallergenic and safe water-based lube, toy-friendly, and condom?compatible?while still can be used on the body.
The ergonomic nozzle allows a deeper, neater,?and easier lubrication.


The Lustytime Lube, which is made from natural ingredients, is ideal for easing the discomfort and unwanted friction of sex toy games. Featured as a light water-based lubricant, Lustytime Lube is highly concentrated, yet not burdensome and easy to wash off. It provides thick lubrication at where you need and not everywhere else, without staining fabrics. And the tapered nozzle is also designed to lubricate the hard-to-reach area with minimal mess. Namely,?there¡¯s no more runny, gooey mess that may ruins your fun! And it's hypoallergenic that is incredibly gentle on your skin and other sensitive areas. Coat both your toys and body with a dab of lube, good sex begins.